Thanks to advances in technology, security is now able to be beefed up like never before through access control systems. These systems are often a great asset for those who own or oversee sites that require the most security, like those who manage businesses, residential complexes, or industrial properties.

Access control systems are security systems that restrict physical access to a property through the means of technology. These technological means often include locks, cameras, key codes, and key cards.

Implementing an access control system is a sure way to protect valuable equipment, information, and products. When used in residential properties, it also ensures the safety of tenants. There are a multitude of benefits to installing an access control system. Some of which include:

Access Control Systems – Next Level Security

The primary draw to this type of system is the heightened security that it provides. Access control systems can efficiently section off areas of a property considered to be at higher risk for security breaches. This system also offers more specificity. For example, if programmed to do so, one person’s key card can be used to open multiple access points that another’s key card will not.

Misplacing Keys Becomes a Thing of the Past

Traditional keys are easily lost, making them inefficient. If a business key is lost, locksmiths must install new locks to ensure the site remains secure. If a key card is lost, the access control system can simply revoke that particular key card’s access, and a new card is then printed. Another plus is that key cards are much more difficult to duplicate than traditional keys.

Time-Sensitive Access

Traditional keys allow its holder to gain access to whatever doors they unlock at virtually any time. Key cards do not. Specific dates and times can be set for when key cards are granted access to particular areas of a property. This flexibility easily allows for special circumstances to occur without any concerns for security breaches. For example, this system allows business owners to grant temporary workers temporary access for their employment duration, not a single day more than that.

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Remote Access

Remote access is extremely convenient. Most of these systems have a central hub on a computer terminal that allows an administrative user to access all of the information available. Any site that is hooked up to the system can be accessed through this hub, allowing administrators to authorize entry to any employee who may have forgotten their key card.


Access control systems keep track of any attempts at gaining access to a secured site, any access that has been granted, along with the date and time these occurrences took place. Exit times may be logged as well. This is a wonderful tool/data set for investigations, like that of theft, where details are needed regarding who was where and at what time. This also is a great tool in keeping employees honest when it comes to logging their hours- the access system will have records of when they arrive and leave the worksite.