The former governor of Connecticut, Jodi Rell, once said, “At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.” It’s safe to say that Ms. Rell speaks for just about everyone. The feelings of safety and security are fundamental human emotions that we all yearn to experience throughout our lives. There are several ways to achieve this; chiefly among them is installing an integrated security system. A security integration system brings all the components of your security system into a single, easily accessible hub. Whether you aim to protect your family, business, property, or even all three, Bevo Security Solutions has what you need. While Bevo has a wealth of options for you to choose from, looking into a security integration system is an excellent place to start. Here are three key benefits of using security integration systems:

Security Integration Systems’ Efficiency

The main goal of a security integration system is the centralization of your operations. One workstation offers you the ability to view all the surveillance material that your system covers. Instead of fragmentation from cobbling together multiple older systems, your new equipment works harmoniously and is simple and easy to operate. Many newer programs also offer remote access, allowing you to view the security system through a smartphone app, which provides you with more monitoring flexibility.

Cost Savings

Security integration systems can save you money in several ways. The uniformity of your system provides you with one way to save. Because it is integrated, you can upgrade your whole system at once instead of shelling out money to upgrade each piece. The second way you can cut costs is by utilizing the ability to integrate your security system with your building functions. This means you can precisely control utility costs like heating and lighting by using them only when absolutely necessary. The third way you can save money when using security integration systems is by re-evaluating staffing needs. You may not need as many workers to man the security cameras if your operation is all consolidated, or you may choose not to employ a receptionist if you elect to use visitor management systems.

Improved Safety

Last but certainly not least, security integration systems can afford you an increased level of safety. Because all security monitoring can be done in one single hub, the flow of information is quicker and more efficient. You can identify threats and react to them faster than if you didn’t have a security integration system. In addition to that, if there was an emergency, a security integration system would allow you to know exactly where everyone was on site, and you would be able to implement safety procedures in the blink of an eye. As a bonus, many systems allow fire alarm integration, making fire response protocol one less thing that you have to worry about.

Security Integration Systems – The Whole Package

When safety is the ultimate goal, security integration systems are the solution. They can make your commercial or personal security measures more efficient, less costly, and offer a greater amount of safety. When you are in the market for a security integration system, Bevo Security Solutions has you covered.