The advent of new technology has afforded us innumerable modern amenities, making our lives easier and more efficient. Whether it’s looking up information in a matter of seconds or ordering food to our door with a few taps on a smartphone, technological advances have made tasks that were previously tedious into infinitely more convenient. This extends to security as well. Let’s say that you did happen to order food, but you were watching a television series with a friend. Fifteen minutes later, you hear your doorbell ring, but you aren’t sure if it’s your food or not, because it was supposed to take a half hour. If you have a video intercom system, you could simply the open accompanying app on your phone, and view the visitor outside your door, all without having to even get up or pause the movie. This is one of the many reasons to install a video intercom system for your home or business. Here are a few more:

Visual Access

The obvious difference between an audio-only intercom system and a video intercom system is the integrated sight component. With a video intercom system, you are able to physically see whoever is at your door, while also having the ability to speak with them. When it comes to safety and security, the more information you have about your visitors, the better off you are. This also provides the added perk of being able to see if packages or mail have been dropped off without having to go check for yourself.

Crime Deterrence

Another reason to implement a video intercom system is that it could ward off would-be criminals. Video intercom systems are always recording, and their interface usually makes it apparent that they can film whatever is in front of them. Recording the face of a criminal is much stronger evidence against them than their voice alone, and this could dissuade them from whatever insidious activities they were planning such as breaking in, package theft, or vandalism.

Remote Access

As mentioned in the introduction above, most video intercom systems are equipped with a companion smartphone app. While this provides comfort and ease of use, it also allows the user the valuable ability to check who is at their door when they are not home. The user could then speak to the intruder, tell them to leave, and/or contact the necessary authorities. An added bonus is many video intercom smartphone apps log the time and date of each time the doorbell is pressed or each instance where there is movement in front of the camera, which can be useful for reference or record-keeping purposes.

Video Intercom System Benefits

Combining the visual aspect of a peephole and the audio component of a traditional intercom, video intercom systems are a technological trend on the rise, and for good reason. They provide visual access to those outside your door, can be a deterrent to potential criminals, and allow you to conveniently access the camera feed no matter where you are. If you want to protect your family or business and gain a little peace of mind, you can check out the video intercom systems at Bevo Security Solutions.