The former director of the FBI, Robert Mueller once said, “Perimeter defense may not matter if the enemy is inside the gates.” His words ring true in multiple ways and simultaneously underscore the importance of keeping unauthorized persons out of certain physical areas. One way to successfully monitor and restrict who can enter particularly sensitive areas is through a perimeter security system. perimeter detection systems system are security solutions that utilize technology to secure a property’s perimeter or site from unauthorized access. This system can consist of fences and gates at the most basic level, while more advanced systems can be fully integrated to work seamlessly together with other security functions like door access control mechanisms and video cameras. In this article, we’ll discuss where perimeter security systems can be used and some of their equipment.

What Type of Facilities Use Perimeter Security Systems?

There is a wide variety of property types that could make good use of a security system, and several factors can go into deciding whether or not to use one. Different safety standards and protocols and/or the size of your budget could influence what type of perimeter security system is used and where, but the following property types could most benefit from a perimeter security system:

  • Private estates
  • Military facilities
  • Storage areas
  • Factories
  • Airports
  • Government facilities
  • High-security areas


Perimeter security systems consist of integrated elements, both electronic and mechanical, that protect a physical area — like a company or other high-security area — that dissuade and detect intruders. There are many components of a perimeter security system that can all be integrated and made to work together ranging from low tech to high tech such as:

  • Security fences
  • Infrared light beam detectors
  • Video motion detection
  • Tactical radars
  • Fences with sensors
  • Sensor cables
  • Microwave and infrared barriers
  • Video analytics systems

Your perimeter security system needs will of course be unique to your situation. If you are simply looking to protect your home, you might want to invest in a security fence and some video motion detection equipment. If you are trying to provide security for a famous art museum that houses million-dollar paintings, it would probably be wise to implement some of the state-of-the-art perimeter security options like fences with sensors, and integrated video analytics systems. Whatever your perimeter security needs are, be they big or small, basic or advanced, the experts at Bevo Security Solutions have you covered. Contact them to fulfill your security solutions today.